BTS Pocket Guide to Transportation (2016 Edition)

The BTS Pocket Guide to Transportation has been published for 2016, attached is the latest version (and the web-link to the source document).  The brochure, prepared annually, provides vital transportation, air quality, and freight-related statistics for the U.S. and is a good source of information for the transport sector.

The PDF brochure is available below:

FHWA: Air Quality and Climate Change Highlights—August-September 2015 Issue

The August-September 2015 Highlights provides the latest news and information on transportation related air quality and climate change activities, including information on transportation conformity, sustainability, and other related activities.

Items of interest in this issue include:

  • The newly posted FAQs that provide technical assistance on how FHWA recommends project sponsors use MOVES for NEPA MSAT quantitative analysis
  • The U.S. EPA proposed 2008 Ozone Rule Making for Marginal Areas
  • Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx Comments on Administration’s climate change resilience efforts

Air Quality and Climate Change Highlights—August-September 2015 Issue (PDF)

2008 8-hour Ozone NAAQS Implementation Rule and Rescission of the 1997 Ozone NAAQS -Signed 2/13/2015

Implementing the 2008 8-hour Ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standards

SUMMARY Excerpt: The EPA is establishing a final rule for implementing the 2008 NAAQS that was promulgated on March 12, 2008. This final rule addresses a range of nonattainment area state implementation plan (SIP) requirements for the 2008 ozone NAAQS…and the timing of SIP submissions and of compliance with emission control measures in the SIP. Other issues also addressed in this final rule are the revocation of the 1997 ozone NAAQS and anti-backsliding requirements that apply when the 1997 ozone NAAQS are revoked.