Proposed Urban Area Criteria for 2020 Census

On Friday, February 19, 2021, the proposal for the 2020 Urban Area Criteria was published in the Federal Register, Comments on the proposal are due on May 20, 2021. These urban area criteria will be important for determining, among other things:

  • Establishing boundaries for Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) and Micropolitan Statistical Areas (µSAs)
  • Transit funding amounts for the state and local communities
  • Areas that are or are not eligible for 5307 Urbanized Area funding and 5311 Rural Transit Funding

Emission Factors/Emission Inventories for Mobile Sources

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Office of Transportation and Air Quality

January 15, 2021

MOVES3 Now the Official Model; New Installer Resolves Problems with MOVES2014b

EPA posted MOVES3 on EPA’s website in mid-November.  With the publication of the MOVES3 Federal Register notice on January 7, MOVES3 is now the official version of MOVES.  MOVES3 has been updated and improved from the previous version in many ways.  The Federal Register notice begins the two-year conformity grace period which ends January 9, 2023.  Please see the notice and EPA’s MOVES3 Policy Guidance for more information on the use of MOVES3 and MOVES2014b for regulatory purposes.

Unrelated to the Federal Register notice, EPA is also posting a new MOVES2014b installer.  The new installer replaces MySQL with MariaDB as the database server for MOVES2014b. (MariaDB is already the database server for MOVES3). MariaDB continues to support features that MOVES relies on, whereas the latest versions of MySQL removed these features, which is causing issues for MOVES2014b. Using MariaDB resolves various problems that users have found with recent installations of MOVES2014b, including an error where some particulate matter (PM) emissions may be dropped with no error message, sometimes leading to low PM output from MOVES installed with MySQL 5.7.26 or later.  For these reasons, it is critical to reinstall MOVES2014b to eliminate this potential error when using this version of MOVES.

Modelers who installed MOVES3 had an option to reconfigure MOVES2014b to use MariaDB when they installed MOVES3.  Modelers who selected that (default) option during the installation do not need to do anything more; MOVES2014b will use MariaDB and will produce correct PM results.  However, MOVES2014b modelers who have not installed MOVES3, or who chose not to reconfigure MOVES2014b to use MariaDB when they installed MOVES3, should now use this new installer to update their MOVES2014b configuration.

The new MOVES2014b installer is available at  Simply download and double-click the installer executable and follow the on-screen instructions.

For other information on MOVES, please review the materials at

RFP Posted! NCHRP Project: 25-64 Resources for State DOTs to Consider Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Climate Change in NEPA Documents

The RFP for NCHRP Project: 25-64 Resources for State DOTs to Consider Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Climate Change in NEPA Documents has been posted here:

A notification will go out shortly to all subscribers of the NCHRP RFP listserv. The RFP will also be featured in a future edition of the TRB weekly e-Newsletter.  Feel free to share it with your networks as well.  Please direct any inquiries on this RFP and/or TRB  procurement process to:

Ann Hartell, PhD
Senior Program Officer
National Cooperative Highway Research Program
Transportation Research Board
The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
[email protected]
Phone: 202.334.2369 (rings through to me at home)
Physical Office:
Keck 448
500 Fifth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001

FHWA Air Quality and Sustainable Transport Highlights

The purpose of this message is to inform you that the latest issue of the FHWA Air Quality and Sustainable Transport Highlights is now available.

FHWA Air Quality and Sustainable Transport Highlights November-December 2020

The Highlights provide the latest news and information on transportation related air quality and sustainability activities, including information on transportation conformity, resiliency, and other related activities.

Items of interest in this issue include:

  • FHWA Requests Nominations for Designation of Alternative Fuel Corridors – Round 5
  • EPA’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality publishes MOtor Vehicle Emission Simulator (MOVES3) in the Federal Register.

Past issues of the Air Quality and Conformity Highlights are available at:

Past issues of the Sustainable Transport Newsletter are available at: