Beta Release of EPA’s Marine Emissions Tools

Today EPA is releasing a beta version of Marine Emissions Tools, a set of R packages designed to calculate emissions from Category 3 commercial marine vessels (CMVs), such as tankers and general cargo ships, in a manner consistent with EPA’s regulations and Port Emissions Inventory Guidance. Emissions from CMVs are a critical input to developing comprehensive emissions inventories for ports. This updated toolset will improve the accuracy of emissions estimates from CMVs and make it easier for stakeholders to develop inventories in a manner consistent with EPA guidance. The beta versions released today may be used to develop inventories to meet regulatory requirements, as well as for voluntary and research purposes. EPA is requesting stakeholder feedback through September 30, 2021.

EPA’s Marine Emissions Tools can be downloaded from or installed directly from GitHub. Questions and other feedback regarding this beta toolset can be posted as issues on the Marine Emissions Tools GitHub page. 

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