EPA posts new MOVES report – Overview of EPA’s MOtor Vehicle Emission Simulator (MOVES3)

EPA has summarized information about the MOVES mobile source air pollution emission inventory model in a new report: Overview of EPA’s MOtor Vehicle Emission Simulator (MOVES3).  We expect this document will be a useful technical reference for MOVES modelers and others who use MOVES results.

The new report includes the following sections:

Introduction, including information on MOVES scope, versions, and typical uses.

Updates for MOVES3, including a summary of new features, inputs, and updates to the user interface.

MOVES Onroad Algorithms, briefly summarizing the calculation methods used to estimate vehicle emissions.

MOVES Nonroad Algorithms, briefly summarizing the calculation methods used to estimate emissions from nonroad equipment.

MOVES Software Structure, including information on MOVES software components and MOVES databases.

MOVES3.0 Results, including comparisons of MOVES3 and MOVES2014b emission estimates for onroad vehicles at the national and county scale for a variety of years, and graphs of national nonroad emissions over time.

MOVES Evaluation, summarizing the MOVES review process and approaches to model evaluation.

Considerations When Using MOVES, explaining features of the MOVES design and input data that may affect the model’s applicability for specific modeling uses.

MOVES Documentation, providing links and descriptions to MOVES extensive documentation with more detailed information on guidance, user instructions, training and MOVES default inputs.



The MOVES3 overview report is available for download at www.epa.gov/moves/latest-version-motor-vehicle-emission-simulator-moves, as well as on the MOVES technical report pages https://www.epa.gov/moves/moves-onroad-technical-reports and https://www.epa.gov/moves/nonroad-technical-reports.

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