MOSERS Guidebook 3rd Edition – Release Note

The MOSERS development team is pleased to announce the web posting of the latest version of the Texas Guide to Accepted Mobile Source Emission Reduction Strategies, MOSERS Guidebook 3rd Edition. This upgrade to MOSERS Guide replaces the MOSERS Guidebook 2nd Edition released in 2007 for estimating air pollution emissions from transportation emissions reduction strategies. Compared to the previous MOSERS document, MOSERS Guidebook 3rd Edition includes additional strategies and updated technical content related to different aspects of transportation air quality.

MOSERS Guidebook 3rd Edition consists of two documents:

Module 1 – Overview of Transportation Air Quality. This module provides an overview of transportation and air quality planning, and discusses key topics relating to federal regulations, transportation conformity, mobile source emissions modeling, and transportation control measures. This guidebook contains updated graphics, easy-to-navigate charts, and comprehensive resource listings to help the reader gain an understanding of the subject matter and identify other resources for further reading.

Module 2 – Methodologies. This module contains a comprehensive set of analysis methods that can be used in the evaluation of emissions reductions achievable through the adoption of MOSERS.

MOSERS Guidebook 3rd Edition can be downloaded through the MOSERS web page ( This webpage is the source for:

  • MOSERS Guidebook,
  • MOSERS Spreadsheet Tool,
  • MOSERS web-based documentation, and
  • Emission rates lookup tables for use with MOSERS equations.

For more details on the different components of MOSERS, download the MOSERS Summary Flyer.

Contact Reza Farzaneh ([email protected], Tel. 512.407.1118) for all inquiries regarding MOSERS Guidebook, MOSERS Spreadsheet Tool, and MOSERS training.

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