MOVES3 Posted on EPA Website

EPA’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality is pleased to announce the web posting of the latest version of the MOtor Vehicle Emission Simulator, MOVES3.  This state-of-the-science upgrade to EPA’s modeling tools replaces the MOVES2014 series of models as EPA’s latest model for estimating air pollution emissions from cars, trucks, motorcycles, and buses, as well as many categories of nonroad equipment.  Compared to the previous MOVES2014 modeling tool, MOVES3 allows users to model the benefits from new regulations promulgated since MOVES2014 was released, incorporates the latest vehicle and emissions data, and has improved functionality.  EPA will be publishing a Federal Register notice to announce the availability of MOVES3 for official purposes.

The MOVES web page ( is the source for MOVES3 software as well as a detailed “Question and Answer” document, MOVES Policy Guidance, MOVES Technical Guidance, technical reports that document the data and algorithms used in MOVES3, tools for use with MOVES, and information on MOVES training.

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