Today’s Federal Register – DFW TCM Substitution Notice

On December 12, 2019, the NCTCOG Regional Transportation Council adopted a resolution to substitute SIP-approved IH 35E/IH 635 HOV lane TCMs for traffic signalization project TCMs to offset any NOx and VOC emission reduction credits lost by removing these corridors from HOV lane usage and keep equivalent emission reduction controls in place. EPA’s Notice of Administrative Change (NOAC) has been published in today’s Federal Register to complete the TCM substitution process. The substitution is already in effect with issuance of EPA’s February 21, 2020 concurrence letters to NCTCOG & TCEQ, today’s NOAC revises the approved Texas SIP under 40 CFR 52 to reflect the substitution.

The published NOAC can be found at:

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