New Draft EPA Port-Related Emission Inventory Methodologies Document Available

EPA Webinar — Methodologies for Estimating Port-Related and Goods Movement Mobi (ICS – Calendar File)

We are excited to announce that the public draft of the “Methodologies for Estimating Port-Related and Goods Movement Mobile Source Emission Inventories” is now available.

This document describes the latest, state-of-the-science methodologies for preparing a port-related emissions inventory for six mobile source sectors: ocean-going vessels, harbor craft, recreational marine, cargo handling equipment, onroad vehicles, and rail. This draft document reflects new data sources and model availability, and integrates the lessons learned from practical experience with EPA-Port Everglades Partnership and National Port Strategy Assessment. This document supersedes EPA’s 2009 “Current Methodologies in Preparing Mobile Source Port-Related Emission Inventories.”

Interested stakeholders can send any feedback on this draft to [email protected] by March 31, 2020. In addition, EPA encourages stakeholders to use this document when developing inventories.  EPA will consider any feedback received on the public draft in a future revision to this document.  EPA will be hosting a public webinar on February 25th, 2020 at 2pm Eastern (webinar calendar invite attached) to provide a background of the work leading to this update, approach and scope of the update, and updated methodologies by mobile source sector. For more information, please visit

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