2019 Request for Nominations for Alternative Fuel Corridor Designations; Due February 26, 2020

2019 Round 4 AFC Request for Nominations

The purpose of this e-mail is to transmit the 2019 request for nominations for Alternative Fuel Corridor (AFC) designations (attached) and to ask for your assistance in distributing it.  Similar to prior requests, we are asking the Division Offices to distribute the 2019 request to their respective State departments of transportation (DOTs) and metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs).

Section 1413 of the FAST Act directed the Department to designate national electric vehicle (EV) charging, and hydrogen, propane, and natural gas fueling corridors.  The first three rounds of designations included 79 nominations, with designations on segments/portions of 100 Interstates and 76 U.S. highways/State roads.  These designations span 46 States and cover over 130,000 miles of the National Highway System (all fuels combined).  Designations fall into one of two categories – “Corridor-Ready,” meaning that there are a sufficient number of facilities on the corridor to warrant signage that alerts drivers of the availability of alternative fueling stations, or “Corridor-Pending,” meaning that the corridor did not have sufficient alternative fuel facilities to warrant highway signage.  These designations serve as the basis for a network of “alternative fuel” corridors.

This 2019 nomination request includes infrastructure coverage criteria for each fuel type, information to be included in the nomination (narrative and technical), points of contact, and directions for submittals.  The due date for nominations is COB February 26, 2020.

This request includes a new requirement in the criteria for EV corridor nominations.  For 2019 nominations, each DC Fast Charging site along nominated corridors should have both types of charging connectors (J1772 combo (CCS) and CHAdeMO connectors).  The new requirement will ensure that the driving public is aware of charging compatibilities between connectors and specific makes and models of vehicles at facility locations along a designated corridor.  A webinar will be scheduled in the near future to provide information on the nomination request to stakeholders and answer questions.

Corridor-Ready and Corridor-Pending tables and maps as well as other informational resources can be found on the AFC web site.

If you have questions related to this nomination request, please contact Diane Turchetta at 202-493-0158 or [email protected].  If you have questions related to the submission of shapefiles, please contact Sara Secunda at 617-494-3601 or [email protected].

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