Release of MOSERS Modules

MOSERS Modules 1 & 2 – Final Draft for Review

TTI is releasing a final draft version of the MOSERS Modules 1 and 2 for TWG members to review and provide comments. This release includes two files as follows:

MOSERS Module 3 – Draft Limited Release (8 Strategies)

The purpose of the release is to obtain comments and feedback from the TWG members on the calculations and implementation of the MOSERS Module 3 spreadsheet tool. This version calculates activity data, calculates the final emissions estimates, and includes the reports needed. The spreadsheet tool is described as “limited” since it includes eight actively used strategies.  The TTI team plans to incorporate the TWG feedback received into the continued development of the strategies worksheet and tool. Additional strategies will be included in a future version of the spreadsheet tool.

Please note that the spreadsheet tool contains macros and may require user authorization or an adjustment in Excel’s security settings to proceed. The TTI team looks forward to receiving your comments and suggestions. If you have any questions or issues with the spreadsheet, please contact Reza Farzaneh ([email protected]) or Bob Huch ([email protected]).
Please provide your comments to TTI by July 15th. After incorporating the received comments in the documentation, TTI will facilitate a meeting with the MOSERS Sub-Committee members (FHWA, TxDOT, TCEQ, HGAC, NCTCOG) to finalize the release of the MOSERS Modules. TTI tentatively plans to propose the approval and public release of the MOSERS Modules at the September 2019 TWG meeting. TTI will work with the MOSERS Sub-Committee members to schedule training subsequently.

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