INFORMATION: Air Quality Resource for Implementing South Coast v EPA Court Decision

The purpose of this email is to provide you with a newly available resource related to the February 16, 2018 D.C. Circuit Court decision in South Coast Air Quality Management District v. EPA.  On November 29, 2018, we distributed a guidance document from EPA regarding transportation conformity requirements for FHWA/FTA planning and project development actions in areas that are impacted by the Court decision (i.e. “orphan areas”). This guidance document outlined the requirements for demonstrating transportation conformity in these areas. For impacted MPOs that currently need to complete conformity determinations for the 1997 ozone standard, our office has created a resource to aid such MPOs in documenting their conformity determinations. The attached document is an OPTIONAL template that MPOs may use either in full or in part to help them complete and document conformity determinations for orphan areas in a timely manner. The template is not required and might not be suitable in all cases.

Optional Template MTP TIP 1997 Ozone Conformity Determination

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